What are Croup Symptoms in Babies?

Croup is a common illness in all kids under the age of 5. It is most common around age 2, but it is possible to get it even earlier. Most cases of croup are not severe and can be treated at home. Like any illness, it’s important to monitor all symptoms for severity. Getting a flu shot this season can help keep your loved ones safe throughout the winter months. If you believe your child may have croup, AFC Urgent Care Torrington can help determine the diagnosis and the best form of treatment for your little one.

Symptoms of Croup

Infants and small children will experience the same symptoms of croup for most general cases. Croup is caused by a viral infection of the upper respiratory system. This infection then causes children to have loud, “barking” coughs made worse by crying and coughing. Children can also experience a fever, a hoarse voice, and noisy breathing. Symptoms usually subside at home within three to five days. It may be best to see a doctor if your child starts to experience:

  • Symptoms longer than five days
  • High-pitched, wheezing noise while both inhaling and exhaling
  • Has difficulty swallowing
  • Struggles to breathe or breathes at a faster rate than normal
  • Develops blue or gray skin around the fingernails, nose, or mouth

Keeping your child’s vaccines up-to-date and frequent handwashing are two ways to prevent your child from catching croup. Additionally, avoid contact with anyone who is at all sick with a contagious illness.

At-home Treatment

As mentioned before, most cases of croup are mild and do not require hospitalization. Treatment is typically based on the severity of symptoms, but most patients can be treated at home. Try and keep your child as calm as possible, as crying and agitation make symptoms worse. Use a humidifier while sleeping to try and alleviate symptoms, as they are normally worse at night. Using a fever reducer can help with sleep at night and reduce the severity of symptoms all around.

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Children can experience many different illnesses all Winter. It is important to be mindful of their symptoms and avoid contact with anyone who is sick. With COVID-19 happening in combination with flu season, always wear a mask when around others and maintain a distance of 6 feet from those not in your household. Contact AFC Urgent Care Torrington for more information on staying safe this Winter. Call us at 860-866-4321, or visit our facility today!