Symptoms of Lung Infections in Children

Three common types of lung infections in children include pneumonia, bronchitis, and bronchiolitis. They often show similar symptoms, but pneumonia can be fatal for some children. If your child feels under the weather, visit AFC Urgent Care Torrington to get a diagnosis and treatment. We provide treatment for all children beginning at age 1.

What are the symptoms of a lung infection?

Like any illness, not all patients will experience the same symptoms. Common symptoms of pneumonia include:

  • A cough that produces mucus
  • Fever
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite

Symptoms are typically more mild and do not require special care, but in severe cases, it’s important to monitor your child. Pneumonia can be life-threatening in some cases, so always speak with a doctor if your child begins to have these symptoms. Lung infections are normally caused by viruses or bacteria, including the flu or RSV in small children.

When should I seek medical attention?

If the child has a fever for more than three days, you should seek medical attention from their primary care physician. Additionally, if they have issues staying hydrated or having trouble breathing, it may be best to visit the emergency room. Monitor your child’s symptoms for their severity to ensure they are getting better and not worse.

Who is at risk of complications?

Complications from pneumonia can include hospitalization or death. Children with low immune systems, chronic health conditions, or general problems in the lungs or airway are more likely to develop complications. They are also more likely to contract pneumonia in general from illnesses such as the flu. Infants and toddlers should also be closely monitored.

What are treatment options?

For bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics will be used to treat it. Pneumonia that is caused by a virus, on the other hand, does not have specific treatment options. They generally get better on their own. It is possible to use medications to help lessen symptoms. This includes plenty of rest and fluids. If your child is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, it is important to ensure they are getting enough fluids or they risk becoming dehydrated. Adding a humidifier to their room while they sleep can help loosen congestion and ease a cough. Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, can be used to reduce a fever or help with the pain.

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